Acrylic Rendering

An acrylic render is any type of render that uses acrylic, which is a type of plastic, in the mix. The acrylic makes the render much stronger and more flexible than traditional rendering mixes, which means that it is much less likely to crack after it has been applied.

Cement Rendering

Cement rendering is the application of a premixed layer of sand and cement to brick, cement, stone, or mud brick. It is often textured, colored, or painted after application. It is generally used on exterior walls but can be used to feature an interior wall.

Hebal Rendering

Product Overview. Previously known as DULUX AcraTex HEBEL SkimCoat Render DULUX AcraTex HEBEL SkimCoat Render is a polymer modified and fibre reinforced cementitious skimcoat render designed for application to HEBEL AAC Panels.

Loxo Rendering

Loxo AAC lightweight concrete panels represent the future of exterior cladding for both residential & commercial construction.